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Our Market Concepts team has years of experience across many disciplines.

photo of market concepts team

Cheryl Cotman and Susan Tully.

The Market Concepts team has worked on a wide array of projects covering all sorts of topics around the globe! We love a good challenge and think of every project with a fresh perspective. No two projects are alike – and we love that! It keeps us on top of our game.



Susan Tully Link to LinkedIn Profile

Susan started Market Concepts in 2003 with the goal of approaching each business issue with fresh perspective to develop a custom approach. She pulls in the right team of experts for each project to get deep insight and actionable results.

As a moderator, Susan has interviewed respondents in a broad range of fields- including skiers, rock climbers, Chief medical officers, CEOs who own helicopters, grocery shoppers trying to stretch their food dollars, wine drinkers, pet owners and many other food, beverage, clothing, medical, retail and service oriented topics. She excels at capturing true moments of decision making and gain deep insights into the consumer thought process. She thoughtfully extracts quotes and photos from each interview to verbally and visually illustrate key consumer insights. Her reports truly incorporate the voice of the consumer allowing her clients to really step into the consumers shoes.

As a project manager, Susan has worked on a wide array of categories and services from blue sky new category/product innovation to strengthening core brands.

Susan earned a Master of Science in Market Research from the University of Wisconsin as an A.C. Nielsen scholar. She also holds a BA in Psychology and a BSBA in Business Administration from Drake University. Susan is a RIVA trained moderator and has been invited to the University of Wisconsin, Madison as a guest lecturer.

Cheryl Cotman Link to LinkedIn Profile

Cheryl received a B.A. in Biology from Reed College and a M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts. Cheryl’s research-based approach to art ensures her visual products are nested in reality. She brings a scientific and artistic touch to market research elegantly bringing the consumer to life through photos, drawings, mood boards and infographics. She brings ideas to life in an aesthetic and engaging manner.

Her work has depicted essential concepts in a book, “Big Brain: The Origins and Future of Human Intelligence” which has been translated into Greek and Japanese and featured in popular magazines. Cheryl’s drawings have appeared in numerous journal publications and her larger works have been shown at various museums and galleries including the Laguna Art Museum, the JoAnne Artman Gallery, Oceanside Museum of Art, the Beall Center and the Basel Art Fair.

Kim Paterson Link to LinkedIn Profile

Kim received a B.A. in Finance from CA State University Fullerton, where she honed the analytical skills that she applies to her work as our research coordinator. Her perspicacity and attention to detail help to ensure we have great participants who are thoroughly prepared. Kim treats each new project as an opportunity to reach out to our participants and clients to meet their dynamic needs.  Her role straddling both finance and HR for an independent school proved to be a vigorous training ground for creating the amiability and flexibility she brings to our organization.